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many question on the same post... ok i will try to say something:

- I think that is not a good idea to display the artifact title "Music Collection" when the original is "Ongakushuu" because one loses the fact that the original title is "Ongakushuu" as the producer wanted to indicate, and not "Music Collection".

- Moreover, nowdays there are some old series (excpecially tokusatsu, an example: Flashman) that have both the "Ongakushuu" album and the (true) "Music Collection" album. To display both with "Music Collection" can create ambiguity.

- If there is the problem that one user can search "Music Collection" or "Music Compilation" or "Hit Songs" with no results, maybe a good idea to introduce some new feature in the search engine by matching, for example:
"Music Collection" with "ongakushuu"
"Music Compilation" with "ongakuhen"
"Hit Songs" with "hit kyokushuu"
In this manner is no more necessary to add a partially translated title, preserving the complete original romanized title.

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