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Thanks for your answer Secret Squirrel, and for the other posts too.
I answer your 3 points:

1. The difference with other series on VGMdb is that the albums of the Animex 1200 collection at the base were not in a series and are all reprints. This is why it bothers me to have "Animex 1200" in the display title.
The fact is that if we only have "Animex 1200" in the 3rd line, we can always find these albums with the search engine.

2. Yes so it wasn't really necessary to replace all "Hit Song Collection" with "Hit Collection".

3. So if we translate well into English, it would be better to put "Music Collection" and "Hit Song Collection" in first line (as it was before on VGMdb actually).
But if we leave "Ongakushuu" in the 1st line, it would be better to put "Hit Kyokushuu" in the 1st line also for more consistency.

Originally Posted by nextday View Post
I would use these when no official title is given:
曲集 = Song Collection
楽曲集 = Music Collection
音楽集 = Music Collection

+ add "Complete" if it has a 全 prefix.
I have the same opinion as you regarding these translations.

Originally Posted by anisonfan
- Moreover, nowdays there are some old series (excpecially tokusatsu, an example: Flashman) that have both the "Ongakushuu" album and the (true) "Music Collection" album. To display both with "Music Collection" can create ambiguity.
I admit that you score a point here.
Is that why you don't put "Hit Kyokushuu" on the 1st line, because few albums are really called "Hit (Song) Collection", and so there is no confusion?
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