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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
Can you give an example where both the Japanese text for Ongakushuu and the English "Music Collection" where intentionally written as parts of a title? Normally, I would think they are providing an official translation. You mention flashman, but this was the closest I could find: but it doesn't have duplication of Music Collection.
In Flashman for example we have these two different albums:
COCC-13584~5 Choushinsei Flashman MUSIC COLLECTION
CX-7274 Choushinsei Flashman Ongakushuu
Before my edits you read both with Music Collection, and this is not a good thing. This because the title for CX-7274 showed an english translation and not the original reading "ongakushuu".
Another example can be Maskman where we have MUSIC COLLECTION(s) and Ongakushuu(s) albums:

We can also consider my idea:

- If there is the problem that one user can search "Music Collection" or "Music Compilation" or "Hit Songs" with no results, maybe a good idea to introduce some new feature in the search engine by matching, for example:
"Music Collection" with "ongakushuu"
"Music Compilation" with "ongakuhen"
"Hit Songs" with "hit kyokushuu"
In this manner is no more necessary to add a partially translated title, preserving the complete original romanized title.

The idea is to improve the search engine with suggestion tips.
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