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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
I don't see the problem with two different albums from the same series ending up with the same title as the English display title. It happens often enough when the publisher decides not to translate anything. The Japanese and Romaji titles resolve the difference.
Ok it was only my opinion, and I don't wont upset your thinking. Sincerely, if I mades a search with "maskman" keyword, I prefer to view the results with original reading (romaji) and not the translated titles. This because is more immediate to distinguish between the real "Ongakushuu" and real "Music Collection" without open any sheet. Same thing for the rest.

Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
Japanese just has more choices for differentiating things. There are words that they can write in kanji or one of the kana scripts. Albums with those words in the title would have different titles in a list, so easy to tell apart there, but we have no way to distinguish them here (other than doing something clever with capitalization.)
Surely, they have more choices than us
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