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Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
So this is not the translation you put previously: "Hit Collection". You will notice that the Japanese translated "ヒット曲集" in these (only) 2 albums by "Hit Songs", so they left the word "Songs", so removing it from your translations was not a good idea.

Leaving "Hit Song(s) Collection" in the titles therefore remains the best thing to do, with the most keywords to help the user through the search engine.
Between "Hit Song Collection" and "Hit Songs" I prefer "Hit Songs" according with those 2 albums and the contents that they represents.

Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
Then I don’t understand your logic, why accept "Hit Songs" in the 1st line and not "Music Collection?".
I accept both ... but at this point the role of the "Display line" in the title box becomes an "English translation line" and we should need also to replace the tons of "Ongakuhen" and so on ..., in order to give uniformity and a meaning to the first line.

Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
Yes of course that Animex 1200 is a series, still it is not indicated on the jacket (which is taken from the existing vinyl for each album, or at least the 1st print). I thought that above all on VGMdb we favored first what was marked on the front jacket above all for the display title. Because if we also have to consider the obi, the sides and the disc label of the album, that's a lot...
Unfortunately, often, the full title is not fully reported in the front cover.

Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
In addition with the atypical catalog number COCC-72---, between us Anisonfan you must guess for your part right away that it is an Animex 1200 album...
Yes it's easy to recognize at least for me, I don't hide it

Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
So in fact you want to put all the series names in the first line? Same as for Animex 1200, are we dealing with the title on the front cover or elsewhere? If there are several lines for title on VGMdb it is for it to be useful, no? Personally I prefer to see "Takarajima Original Soundtrack” in 1st line than "Columbia Sound Treasure Series Takarajima Original Soundtrack”, I find it heavy.

And here too I guess you don't like as it is currently presented? :
I think the name of the series gives to the title the correct and precise location, both temporal and content.

For example if I read ANIMEX 1200,
I can immediately say that it is a remaster of a past edition

If I read "EVER GREEN SERIES" or "FOR EVER SERIES" I can immediately say that it is a compilation that has a song collection + bgm collection.

About Takarajima, let's take this title:
It makes little sense without "FOR EVER SERIES".

Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
However for me it's very good like that, to have the name of the series in the 3rd line is enough, no need to have it in the 1st line.

I have the impression that you don’t have the same opinion as me on the subject...

However, you didn't either when you submitted the albums, you didn't put the Animex 1200 in the first line, nor the Time Capsule... And you didn't mind ...

And personally I haven’t put any of these series names in display title.
Why Yes on the other lines and Not in the first line?

Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
About Dendou Twin, it's different, it takes 2 or 3 different albums at the same time. As for Saishin Manga these are some compilations, Time Capsule series are reprints on CD (added by Anisonfan in display title too), and Time Trips are not reprints, they are mini CD which contain songs from 2 different animes.
Groups of 30 or 20 albums were released simultaneously also for the "ANIMEX 1200" series.

Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
And then these series are not comparable with the Animex 1200 series which contains a much larger number of albums to list.
So, the number of albums in a series need to discern whether to add the series name in the title?

I think and hope that a new possibility offered by the system in the management of the "series" can satisfy everyone

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