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Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
I have the impression that you don’t have the same opinion as me on the subject...

However, you didn't either when you submitted the albums, you didn't put the Animex 1200 in the first line, nor the Time Capsule... And you didn't mind ...

And personally I haven’t put any of these series names in display title.

About Dendou Twin, it's different, it takes 2 or 3 different albums at the same time. As for Saishin Manga these are some compilations, Time Capsule series are reprints on CD (added by Anisonfan in display title too), and Time Trips are not reprints, they are mini CD which contain songs from 2 different animes.
And then these series are not comparable with the Animex 1200 series which contains a much larger number of albums to list.
you're right!! but I evolved in mind after tons of entries, a logic order is needed. We'll see, if a system management could be added for those series.
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