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Originally Posted by anisonfan View Post
Between "Hit Song Collection" and "Hit Songs" I prefer "Hit Songs" according with those 2 albums and the contents that they represents.
It's a bit light to trust a translation of only 2 albums by the Japanese... So you admit that your translation of "Hit Collection” is not a good translation for "ヒット曲集" finally?

Originally Posted by SaintSquall
Then I don’t understand your logic, why accept "Hit Songs" in the 1st line and not "Music Collection?".
Originally Posted by anisonfan
I accept both ... but at this point the role of the "Display line" in the title box becomes an "English translation line" and we should need also to replace the tons of "Ongakuhen" and so on ..., in order to give uniformity and a meaning to the first line.
Regarding the translations "Music Collection" and "Hit Song Collection" in first line, I did as indicated in the guidelines and as the staff indicated to me at the start of my submissions.

Originally Posted by anisonfan
If I read "EVER GREEN SERIES" or "FOR EVER SERIES" I can immediately say that it is a compilation that has a song collection + bgm collection.

About Takarajima, let's take this title:
It makes little sense without "FOR EVER SERIES".
For this title, I admit that it bothers me less. First because the display title is kept short, but also because "For Ever Series" is written on the front cover; but mainly because this album contains new BGM compared to the 1st album released (CQ-7038).

Originally Posted by SaintSquall
However for me it's very good like that, to have the name of the series in the 3rd line is enough, no need to have it in the 1st line.

I have the impression that you don’t have the same opinion as me on the subject...

However, you didn't either when you submitted the albums, you didn't put the Animex 1200 in the first line, nor the Time Capsule... And you didn't mind ...

And personally I haven’t put any of these series names in display title.
Originally Posted by anisonfan
Why Yes on the other lines and Not in the first line?
Because the most important thing remains for me to indicate and favor the name of the anime in the first line.

I'm not the only one who submitted the albums this way, and before you edit the display titles, apparently it doesn't bother staff and other users.

The other lines are also used to put keywords (just like the series names) that can be found with the search engine by users.

Maybe you also prefer to have the name of the series in the first line because you classify your albums by series in your collection? And so finally it remains only a question of personal taste?

Originally Posted by anisonfan
So, the number of albums in a series need to discern whether to add the series name in the title?
Given the large number of Animex 1200 CDs, I'm just saying that you have to think carefully before adding or not the name of the series in the display title, and editing all.
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