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Originally Posted by anisonfan View Post
No, I can only admit that Hit Song Collection is not a good translation. This because "曲" means "piece of music" and not "song". So "ヒット曲" "Hit Piece of music" can simply be translated as "Hit".

So for me "Hit Collection" is a good translation. The other option is to use "Hit Songs" as Columbia does it in two (or more) albums.
OK, I understood well your point of view. But it's rather strange that nobody here has corrected before in this case "Hit Song Collection", there are members who are very good in translation on VGMdb...

Originally Posted by anisonfan View Post
are many titles where I added the series and I think many users have appreciated it.
So you're in the minds of users and you know what they like.

Originally Posted by anisonfan View Post
it is not a matter of personal taste but of a matter of order.
If it's a master of order, you can have it with the folders in your collection.

Apparently there is only the 1st line of the title that matters to you and the other lines are useless...

Originally Posted by anisonfan View Post
to edit the large "ANIMEX 1200" series i've edited the smallest "ANIMEX 1300" series for the first 10 titles. And only after a pause, with no contraidications, I contined the work that I realized you don't like
You are a bit the type to have an answer to everything, aren't you Anisonfan?

Anyway if it doesn't bother anyone else, I suppose we'll leave it like that and I'll get used to it…
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