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Originally Posted by Illidan View Post
Originally Posted by Daemonskald View Post
Why can't we create a "Series" line that would work same as products represented; when you click on it it would redirect you to a series page where all related releases are gathered.
This is a great idea and something I wanted to do for a while now. I'm just not sure of where to put this information in the album entry though, so suggestions about that are welcome.
Good! I'm waiting for this new interesting feature! ^_^

Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
I already explained it before, you want to have all the details of the title on the 1st line.
I can assure you it's not like that. I reports all the info in original language line, in romaji line and in the so called "first line", which in many cases is a "romaji / english" hybrid, a real brain teaser .

Instead, I seem to have understood that you prefer to omit information on the 1st line and use the other lines as tag containers.

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