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This is a major change to our album cataloging. The old Release Type was not a very consistent way to classify albums. It was pieced together over time as a way to filter out things people didn't want to see, chiefly game-related anime albums and doujin albums that caused contention when included in GMRonline. Overtime we've added types, and it became clear that 3-4 separate fields were needed to do this properly. Now, we can have a Canceled Doujin Enclosure that covers Anime (this could have been filed in any of 4 categories in the old system).

The new color coding will still preserve the effect of the old release type, though it determines the colors based on the new fields. There are also some new colors.

The second part of the classification now allows us to be more specific about an album's "Genre". Note that the Game Animation and Film category now ceases to exist in favor of the Anime classification. This category was only needed to justify the inclusion of this album in the database anyway. Ultimately, the user will be able to figure out if an anime is related to a game via the hierarchy in the products table once that is completed. Note also that the Works category and the Other category are also gone. These kinds of albums are now given no classification (i.e. not anime or game, etc.) We still want to keep adding these of course to improve the discographies.
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