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I get lots of E-Mails every day. I work 9 hours a day, commute, go to the gym every night, make dinner, clean the house, do wash, shop, and do all the other stuff that's necessary to live, and I often feel dead by the time I'm done at night. But I still reply to all my E-Mails. It doesn't take long to reply to E-Mails, even if it's just to say that you will get back to them later. When you don't reply to an E-Mail, PM, or other method of communication, you are disrespecting the other person.

I sent this E-Mail to you, zircon, on August 24:

Hi zircon,

I've been following your work for a while, and have been impressed with
your video game music for years.  I listened to every episode of the VGDJ
podcast, and you seem to remix a lot of FF6 music, which is probably my
fourth favorite game of all time.

If you haven't had a chance to check it out, in February I started a video
game music site at  The site is not designed to
compete with Overclocked ReMix, as it has a different purpose.  Whereas
OCR judges for the best music, we let people post everything themselves.

Perhaps you might be interested in posting a song or two of yours there -
even if it's one that you released many years ago.  Instead of marketing
to the existing community, we're attempting to expand it through other
channels, so people who otherwise might not hear your songs will probably
download them.  You can include URLs in the description field and could
gain some publicity for your other projects.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this message or I'm
reachable at quintin3265 anytime on AIM.


-Steve Sokolowski (quintin3265)
And it was received. Does this E-Mail sound like it was demanding the world? If someone had sent you an E-Mail saying that you had won a million dollars, you would have replied. People are only too busy for things that they consider unimportant.

By stating that I don't deserve a reply, what you are actually saying is that I'm less important than you are. Your time is more valuable than mine because you are somehow busier than everyone else is. I've posted comments to celebrities with thousands of listeners and they have replied within minutes in many cases.

I have to go to bed now for work, so I'll address the issue of apologies and what djpretzel had to say tomorrow.

Originally Posted by zircon View Post
Shawn, why exactly would you expect anyone on the OCR staff to even dream of helping remixSite after being personally attacked and falsely accused? Nobody on the OCR staff has done anything to imply that remixSite is a bad idea, should be shut down, or whatever. There has been 0 bad intention from our side, though the same can't be said of Quintin.

As far as I can tell the only thing we did was let Quintin's attempt at communication fall by the wayside. And as far as I can tell, you're STILL ascribing malice to this when there was none. Again you really have no idea how busy things have been staff-side at OCR. We've undergone some fairly major changes recently and there's a giant project in the works that has taken years to develop. Larry, normally our point person for communication, got a full time job last year which has reduced his available time for OCR by a huge amount. People like me have had to step down from the panel due to life changes. The list goes on.

What I'm trying to tell you is very simple. OCR's staff has VERY limited time, especially Dave. Our internal communication is fine; when I said Dave doesn't respond to stuff from us, all I meant was that we're often throwing a hundred ideas at a time at him, and he can't possibly deal with every one. For example, in the last two weeks we've been discussing and coordinating:

* The release of the upcoming DKC 2 project (takes a ton of effort + time)
* New project guidelines and forums, the creation of a project moderation team
* The evaluation of the upcoming Teen Agent project and its release
* Promotion of a new sample library on the front page
* A Sega-sponsored contest we're running
* A project being run by Anso (can't say more)
* The secret project mentioned earlier which has taken years
* Mass Effect 2 composer interviews
* Evaluating new potential judges, creating a test batch, sending them out, analyzing their test votes
* Forum modifications and improvements such as the addition of blogs

And this is honestly just off the top of my head. Dave has to be involved with EVERY one of those things. Do you understand now why it's not surprising if emails or PMs get sent and not responded to?
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