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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
It is possible that there could be an album with 1 original track, 1 fan arrange track, 1 track which they previously put up for free distribution, 1 licensed track, and 1 bootleg track they stole from someone else's album, and had no right to redistribute. That would practically be unclassifiable here.
There just need to be a clarification of the relations of the classifications. E.g. if an album is sold it is commercial, no matter how many otherwise openly available tracks it contains. Also the term bootleg is so far being used for commercial releases without the original copyright holder's consent, so a bootleg album can't be commercial and vice versa. And fan-arranged means a fan made the work, possibly without consent of the original copyright holder but also not as a 1:1 copy bootleg. I don't think this leaves much of overlaps. In your above extreme example I'd say the resulting album is a clear bootleg (unless there's actually a doujin work containing both fan arranged and bootlegged content, or a commercial work containing licensed and bootlegged content which would seem very odd to me).
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