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I think the current system (commercial/doujin/bootleg) is good enough and covers most cases, and honestly I always thought the field meant album publication type. Though I'd prefer Official (=non Doujin) or rather "General" over Commercial (=implies 'money').

I see it as a general idea of the album type. There will be always edge cases (=old 'independent' type) but so what, pick the most likely type and add some notes if you must. Can't classify every album perfectly? Oh well.

For Doujin, to me it's more about the 'intention' of the publisher/person. Like if Uematsu made some free, new album for his site that'd be official (=he'd want it to be as official as any FF ost). But if he arranged some Touhou stuff or compose for a doujin label/circle/game/anime or remixed on Overclocked Remix that could be Doujin (=part of the Doujin subculture). I don't think professionalism should matter to classify Doujin (ex). And like Cedille said it shouldn't cover all the 'independent' releases.

Anyway seems the "indepedent" type was already merged so no much left to discuss I guess.
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