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So, after thinking/talking about it a bit here's a short proposal:
  • Remove publisher type entirely. It's not useful as the main goal seems to be to distinguish albums which are made up of (or contain) fan-arranges from those that aren't. It's also a difficult thing to determine at times (as there is no one definition of indie/commercial/etc.)
  • Add a check box for designating albums as bootlegs.
  • Split the 'arrange' classification into 'arrange' and 'fan-arrange'.
    • Arrange (or official-arrange): Arranges endorsed/published by the rights holders (such as this) or arrangements by the original composer (such as this.)
    • Fan-arrange (or unofficial-arrange): Arranges that aren't endorsed by the rights holders.
This still isn't a perfect solution as there is still some gray area with albums like this where it's unknown whether endorsement from the rights holders was obtained.

Thoughts, feedback, glaring issues?
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