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Originally Posted by Cedille View Post
Um, interesting. But if you means getting the licence from the right-holder by "endorsed", I worry some doujin album are treated as official-arrange since some circle apparently pay fees to JASRAC. Given doujin is more about professionalism, I think the classification from a pure standpoint of copyright isn't enough so I'd prefer to keep the publisher type.
What people seem to want from it is the ability to distinguish fan/unofficial-arranges from the rest of the content on the site, this is a simple way of making that distinction. Perhaps endorsement is the wrong term to use in this case, but I'd also say it's say safe to call doujin arrange albums fan-arranges even if they're paying fees to JASRAC.

Originally Posted by Dag View Post
So what classification would ZUN's albums? He's like THE doujin guy. I'd be strange they'd just become "official". Plus I'd guess he 'endorses' Touhou arranges. And 'works' by doujin circles?
I'm not sure if I follow. Do you mean arranges of ZUN's work or work published by ZUN? Arranges of his work would be for the most part fan-arranges, because while ZUN supports the doujin community the only official arranges I'd say are the ones by Twilight Frontier. There are also some arrange albums he's participated on but they should be treated no differently than this. Arranges of his own work would be considered official-arranges and the rest by others unofficial-arranges. As for albums by ZUN, his albums are the 'official' releases representing his work. Nothing regarding the classification of those albums would change from the way it is now (they're all soundtracks or works.)

To clarify:
  • If a composer arranges a track of his own on an album published by fans (such as this or this) the classifications would be both arrange and fan-arrange (the arrangement by the composer being 'arrange' and the others being 'fan-arrange'.)
  • If an arranger appears on an album published by the rights holder the classification given to it would be 'arrange', as it is part of an official release.

Further thoughts:
An alternative, in an attempt to try and make things less arbitrary, is for the 'arrange' classification to be limited to only arranges on albums published by the original rights holder or arranges by the original composer. This too has problems, because there are some albums that are official (or all but) and not published by the original rights holders. So, eh.

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