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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
I'm not sure about the answer to this question. It depends on what anime music fans want, once we build up a community here. For now, I think we should stick with non-mainstream Western stuff (i.e., Moomins is fine, but don't add all the Disney/Pixar albums until we have defined our role.)
What do you mean with all the Disney-Pixar albums? It's not like that I would like to add every Disney Neoteenie album to the archive.

My suggestions would be Disney Albums, like the official TaleSpin Soundtrack, The Disney Afternoon Vocal CD and the Lion King Bootleg OST. The first two ones are even for today standards incredible rare. On the other hand, what's with these another animated classics from Don Bluth? I think "An American Tail" would be a worthy addition too.
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