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Originally Posted by AcidBeast View Post
Some were produced in Japan, some co-produced, some only directed by japanese ppl but wholly produced in e.g. the USA. So, what makes anime anime? The production cast, the drawing style etc. etc.? We're really in need for a watertight definition.

By the way, we already have such a moot case in our database: Alfred J. Kwak
And that's the whole point what you guys are missing. Take Alfred J. Kwak as example: It's an european character made as animation in japan. So, what should we do now? Is it a anime or not? According the japaneses it is one but here in europe it's not. Even Herman van Veen doesn't consider it as anime, just as a cartoon. And was it to you guys now, hmm?

I think it should be allowed to add them here with some individual restrictions. And I disagree with you all on the term, that there're enough sites our there for american soundtracks. Most of them are not well enough listed or just a stupid copy-paste work with no informations to the CD itself and just the cover or a hasty tracklist.

LiquidAcid: Your argumentation is a bit fishy. For example, let's take the old well known cartoons from our local tv, like Biene Maya, Nils Holgersson, Wickie - and so on. These are basically european productions from Arena and japanese companies. Nnobody really cared about their origins until the anime boom started in germany - and suddenly they've been famed to be real animes...?

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