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found another staff interview regarding the original Super Smash Bros.
did we know about this already? i didn't ;o
there's another older (low res) picture of Ando there, too.

You do realize that nearly all of the original songs are the SAME THEME OVER AND OVER AGAIN, and that the main version was arranged by Shogo Sakai, meaning he basically owns the song in its entirety after Nobuo Uematsu. The fact that Ando, Ikegami, and Takuto are not present here makes Melee-to-Brawl comparisons ridiculously easy.
while it's likely he did all the different variations on the main theme for the various menus and things, given the large music staff it's entirely possible that those were handled by the other guys as well. i mean, they had to do something. i'd be hesitant to blanket-credit them to Sakai based only on the fact he arranged the title music.
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