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Originally Posted by layzee View Post
I don't think it's too entirely baffling. Certainly, I think most people here concur that music on radio can hardly be called music, which is why they turn to video game music which for the most part, consists of strong and solid instrumentals that can stand the test of time (unlike pop music that gets old quick).
It's music, in my view, just bad music. But music nonetheless.

Originally Posted by layzee
In general though and personally speaking, I don't consider the human voice to be a musical instrument. (in italics 'cos it's a controversial opinion) I don't care how good the singing is, if it doesn't have good instrumentals behind it, then I cannot listen to it.
For my own opinion, I would rewrite this to be "if it is not well-composed, I cannot listen to it, no matter how well-performed". I have no problem with a capella music, but vocal jazz is my least favorite type, that's for sure.
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