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Originally Posted by Razakin View Post
Well, PS4 games will surely have soundtracks coming, so it would be a good thing to add now that we know the name of the console. Same thing with the upcoming next-gen Xbox.
I actually see no benefit in adding PS4 to the list at this point. It just makes our platform list slightly longer with a platform that isn't used for any album we've submitted so far. Once any album is coming, it's a must add, but until then, what's a point with it.

Originally Posted by Efendija View Post
What are you saying, that ps4 will haev no gaems? XD
But really, we don't care about specifications, dimensions, pricing etc. all that is really needed for vgmdb (name/abbreviation) has become official
Actually, all that VGMdb needs is info on soundtracks release, since VGMdb is a database for soundtracks. A game console's official name being announced would be the coverage of other websites.
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