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Originally Posted by peronmls View Post
Does anyone know what sampler this metal SFX comes from in this track?
Do you mean that sort of 'factory metal' sound that is kicking in at 0:06? If so, then it's a pitched down, generic tambourine drum sample. You can find such sample in a lot of libraries, it just gotta have the right attack and timbre. One of the Jungle Warfare CDs has a pretty fat sounding one.

This 'factory metal' effect is actually used a lot in the FF7 and FF8 soundtracks, amongst others. Who knows which library they used for it, such tambourine samples can be found in a lot of those early sample CDs.

Akai MPC-60 and MPC-3000 libraries are collected in the "Akai CD-ROM Sound Library MPC2000XL Vol. 1" CD.

Akai S-1000 libraries are collected in the "Akai CD-ROM Sound Library Vol.2" CD.
They are pretty cool libraries, innit? I mentioned them earlier in one of my post when I was speculating whether Nobuo Uematsu used them to make the FF7 and FF8 soundtracks. These CDs are rammed with essential and important drum, synth/string and instrument samples.

There is also a series of CDs for the E-Mu sampler (called 'EMX Sound Library') with essential instruments and samples, with a total of 8 volumes. Wondering if those where used to make the OSTs.
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