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Hi there. First post and everything.

I've been looking for such a list for a long time.

I actually want to know if anybody could recognize some of the samples used by Chikayo Fukuda.

Especially those in .HACK G.U. and .hack series of games in general.
Supposedly .hack GU uses Roland SC-55 but I think that's wrong, considering there's so many samples used in the music which don't belong to the soundset of SC-55. Or at the very least, it uses samples from that only here and there.

I'm ESPECIALLY interested if anybody knows or recognizes samples used in these songs from .hack g.u.:

Vs Corbenik

In this theme, what interests me are the drums. The kind of... "clacking" sound. It's easily recognizable. It kinda sounds like something wooden.


Here, in particular what's bothering me ever since, is the certain sound, which is used in many of the .hack g.u. tracks. It's kinda, like a bell sound except it's appreggiated. I don't even know what this instrument is called, and searching for it gave me a headache. Anyone knows anything?

Thanks in advance.
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