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Default My favorite game scores (was: Top Ten RPG Composers)

I didn't want to hijack the old thread, so...

Originally Posted by pepak
Well, some time ago I wanted to take a part in this topic and started going through my soundtrack collection, listing works and composers. And to my great surprise, I couldn't come up with one composer who would be worthy of a place in a top-ten. I am still not quite sure how it could happen, considering that RPG is perhaps my favorite genre and that music became about the most important aspect of games for me, but there it is. One problem that I did identify is that most RPG composers that I know seem to only have one great RPG title with the rest somehow disqualified (not great, not RPG, not published...). (Another problem is that I only have a very slight in console game musics - for some reason most of the titles, including most of the fan favorites, don't do a thing to me.)
Originally Posted by Chris
Pretty fascinating. What would you say are your favourite game scores then?
The Dig, Outcast, Outlaws, Lost Eden, Monkey Island II, Witchwood (formally a game score, but the game was cancelled before it was finished), Kessen II, Soul of the Ultimate Nation, Shadow of the Colossus...
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