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Default ele-a015b: Re;Lord ~Herford no Majo to Nuigurumi~ Original Soundtrack

Not a translation of the Japanese tracklist but nevertheless an official English tracklist of the first game soundtrack from the digital release on Steam:

1. Peace/Sunny
2. Peace/Calm Days
3. Running
4. Thinking/Eyes of Doubt
5. Thinking/The End of Lengthy Considerations
6. Imprisoned Body
7. Ridicule
8. A Moment of Repentance
9. Tranquil Skies
10. Sharp Signs
11. Wilfried/Those That Desire Revolution
12. Tragedy
13. Gentle Breeze
14. Footprints of Calamity
15. March/Herfort District
16. Violent Storm
17. Witch of Calamity
18. Darius/Trial
19. Retake Grossen!/Herfort District
20. Marching/The Signal to Counterattack
21. Marching/Outbreak of War
22. Re;Lord

The tracks probably correspond to the ones on the physical disc, but I'm not sure.
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