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Originally Posted by Ira View Post
So, after thinking/talking about it a bit here's a short proposal:
  • Remove publisher type entirely. It's not useful as the main goal seems to be to distinguish albums which are made up of (or contain) fan-arranges from those that aren't. It's also a difficult thing to determine at times (as there is no one definition of indie/commercial/etc.)
  • Add a check box for designating albums as bootlegs.
  • Split the 'arrange' classification into 'arrange' and 'fan-arrange'.
    • Arrange (or official-arrange): Arranges endorsed/published by the rights holders (such as this) or arrangements by the original composer (such as this.)
    • Fan-arrange (or unofficial-arrange): Arranges that aren't endorsed by the rights holders.
This still isn't a perfect solution as there is still some gray area with albums like this where it's unknown whether endorsement from the rights holders was obtained.

Thoughts, feedback, glaring issues?
I'm strongly in favor of this. Note also that just clicking the publisher gives you the "Publish Type" since that was mostly depending on the publisher's status anyway so the info isn't lost. Also, classification should dictate the color coding of the album as it's more accurate imo, reasons stated above.

EDIT: Additionally would it be possible to, when setting Classification, pick which one is the "Main" classification? Maybe using amount of tracks as the criteria for what's the main classification. For example, an original soundtrack featuring 3 bonus arrangement tracks would be classified as both Original Soundtrack and Arrangement, Original Soundtrack giving it the "color" and main category?

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