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Originally Posted by Illidan View Post
I don't know the artists, but I would say just Yu Katoh and Ryoichi Shoji is fine. There shouldn't be any macron in the notes.
OK. "^" is a macron, too? I believed that was only for "-".

English title is printed on the back, so it's ok to add it as default title.
Well, I just see it now It was hided at the end by the obi...

I see it isn't printed on the cassette back or anywhere on the Animex reprint (at least going by the scans you submitted), so I only added it as alternative title for the reprints.
Same for Cosmic game, going by the scans it's not printed anywhere. It can still be added as alternative title if it's the official translation of the manga though.
Ok, well understood.

Oh, that's me who has written "Takami Asamo"? I wanted to write rather Asano.

But it's strange too, that's me or it is written "Akano" on the vinyl?

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