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Default Video Game Remix, Music Videos.

Hey everyone, I have started with my increasing video editing skill to created music videos for some of my favorite video game remixes on the site and I will probably see what's on this site and see if anything here inspires more videos from me.

I am putting these in order of newest to oldest, because that also tends to coincide with epic to n00b. I wouldn't want you to watch my first one first and assume the rest are like that.

Next Video Planned

Starman by Akumajobelmont

Damn this is a great song. But since it is a video game remix I doubt nealry as many people hear it as it deserves. So this will be the next song I create a music video for. For this one I plan to use a variety of clips from various space themed video games and TV shows. Click on the link to hear the song.

Dublin Delight by Makke

This is a really fun song with funny and catchy lyrics about the devil trying to convince a passer by to come to his pub rather then an inn. A fun song that sounds like something you would sing in a pub arranged to World of Warcraft Clips I recorded myself. Credit for the song goes to Makke from, check out his other songs they are all this good. This is what's known as a Machinima video, a video using in game footage

The End by Tefnek

This is a Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core music video about Cloud and Sephiroth and is my most epic video to date. Unlike my previous ones this is the most upbeat and fastest song yet and it was while making this that I realized the Cyberlink video editor was crap as it wasn't even capable of being in sync with the music when you play the preview from anywhere but the start. After 15 hours of work were wasted I got Sony Vegas and had to start from scratch, lesson learned.

Harder Better Faster Stronger by Daft Punk

This one uses Final Fantasy IX clips and probably took the longest out of all of these because I had not anticipated what I was getting my self into, this was a lot harder then I imagined it would be to put together. Some people comment that some of the clips come up halved and I say this was intentional as it signifies when the voice in the video says part of the word such as make instead of makes or ever and never for example.

The Rose General by Katethegreat19

This one uses Final Fantasy IX clips to a very soft and melodic song with amazing vocals by katethegreat19. This was the song I feel in love with and inspired me to start making music videos for real and not just test the capabilities of my video editor. I also sync the actual footage i choose to use with the lyrics in the song. Katethegreat19 herself gave me some very positive feedback.

Squaresoft Variation by Jeremy Soule

Uses the clips from the PSX version of Final Fantasy 6. My recommendation is don't watch this, it's my first and it shows. There's no denying that it's a great song though. when I made this video I didn't know I was going to start making music videos as a hobby. I mostly made this to test out what my video editor could do.

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