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Default There's an official release for the Gunsmith Cats OP/ED Themes!!

Recently I found out that the GooglePlay music store didn't exist anymore so I was looking to see what other sites still had "Drum Play Along, Vol. 1" by Peter Erskine as it featured the Gunsmith Cat's Ending theme under the title of "The Cats." The only place I could find it was Amazon which I wasn't satisfied with so I took a look at the shop on Erskine's site and I saw this, not just the ending theme, but the opening theme as well, which to my knowledge is the first and only time the latter has ever been officially released. Either way both are available for just a dollar each.

Needless to say I was quite ecstatic to have come across this as I'm certain it wasn't available there when I checked a few years back. I'm really not sure if anyone else had already noticed and pointed this out previously before or not, but either way I felt obligated to let everyone know since I'm sure that there are others here that have been craving these tracks for a very long time like I have.

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