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I have a new proposal, which I reworked to satisfy a new requirement that we cannot split up the current top-level categories (like was proposed with Peformers -> Vocalists & Instrumentalists) because it would take years to edit that change into all of our albums. Note that the wording isn't final, or even parallel yet.
  • Composer
    • BGM Composer
    • Song Composer (OP/ED)
  • Arranger
    • Music Arrangement
    • Strings Arrangement
    • Orchestral Arrangement
    • Vocal Arrangement
    • Chorus Arrangement
    • Remixing
  • Performer
    • Vocal
    • Dramatic
    • Self
    • Instrumental
      • Additional freetext field for instrument?
  • Lyricist
    • Lyrics
    • Translation
  • Technical
    • Mastering Engineer
    • Mixing Engineer
    • Recording Engineer
    • Audio Programming
    • Snythesizer Programming
    • SFX Artist
  • Management
    • Producer
    • Conductor
    • Designer/Artist

As before, we are qualifying the existing album-artist links with an additional more detailed field. Instrumentalists will require box for typing the instrument. We could make this a list, but there are a lot of instruments, so it might be easier to type than to find them in a list.
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