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Default Harmony: A Tribute to Rayman

The credits for the game list a whole host of people for Sound FX and Music (names corrected):

Stephane Bellanger, Didier Lord, Sylvain Brunet, Nathalie Drouet, Dominique Dumont, Kamel Founas, Rémi Gazel, Didier Leglise, Jean-Marc Lichtmann, Frédéric Louvre, Olivier Mortier, Frédéric Prados, Stéphane Ronse, René De Wael, Olaf Zalcman

The only person confirmed for contributing a significant portion of the game's music, as far as I know, is Rémi Gazel and so he's the only person I've credited currently. If anyone knows differently please let us know.
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