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So, I was going to add a bootleg of FFVI that I rather unfortunately got saddled with many years back, and I wanted to both weigh in on this debate and ask a few quick questions.

First of all, I think bootlegs should certainly be on the site, as I've seen some auctions in the past where people list the "catalogue number" but refrain from saying anything about its authenticity to try and trick people, and having them on the site as a warning doesn't hurt anybody. Nobody wants a bootleg, and I don't think we have to worry about advertising them.

That being said, it seems silly to list them as reprints. I associate that with authenticity . . . *shrugs*

I do like a lot of the ideas in the topic, like the "child album" idea. Should I hold off on adding a bootleg? If it's okay, anything in particular you'd like to see me do?
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