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Yes, that'd be what I mean. Just to be sure here is what I understand from all this:
- Drama *and* nothing else (main classification) + game/radio-drama/whatever (sub-classification) = grey (ex.- Tales Drama CDs, albums with only drama tracks) [right now in blue/yellow/etc]
- Anything+Drama (more than one in main classification) + anything (sub classificacion) = blue/yellow/etc (ie.- not grey) (ex.- Tales of Legendia, albums with some drama tracks together with music) [like it is now]
- Drama (anything?) (main classification) + radio-drama (sub classification) = grey (ex.- ?) [like it is now, I guess]

That'd be perfect imo. I was mostly refering to the first example as it seems to be the most common. Though I'm not sure if gray should override yellow/other Release Type colors.
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