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Yeah well maybe we chould merge both.. i don't know.

I think we should clearly define what is "Limited"..
Limited about what? In term of accessibily (privilege clubs, suscribers..)
Limited in number? (ex: 50 / 1000 copies worldwide..?)
Limited just because it's "special"? (collector's edition, premium edition..)

Matter is a first print material is obligatory a "Limited" item, as the production of this specific version will be stopped to make another one.
But then there's a big difference, first print means there is obligatory another print (without the same extras/content).

Pre-orders bonus are also "limited" (in time) when you think about it.. since when the game/album is finally out, you can't buy anymore the pre-order version.

Maybe we should rename that "Limited" to "Extra Content".. (categorizing commercial releases with extra content -ex: bonus dvd-), and leave the rest untouched.
Pre-orders bonus are clear enough
First-press bonus clearly state bonus that came only with that print run and was stopped at some time replaced by another version
Enclosure could fit to the rest (special edition of games, magazines..)

edit: well while i think about it.. maybe the "First Press Bonus" is the problem.. Could you give me examples of "First Press Bonus" item that were not "enclosed" with something?
(a game, a book...).. To add more to the confusion (and the funny debate) everything could be everything really. First press bonus are limited & generally enclosed!

edit2: i am sorry to make such debates.. but since we'r in the whole "restructuring guidelines" process, this is the right time to make everything clear for all users..
I am not asking these questions for me really, but i am thinking about a newcommer that want to submit an album and could be lost in the large choice of options.

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