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Hi there! First time poster here!
I started collecting in 1990, a friend of a friend worked for Scitron in Japan. My friend was sent all sorts of cool arcade stuff, including soundtracks. He lost interest (and also contact with Takeshi from Scitron) and sold most of his stuff to me! I was amazed that you could get the music from Strider (for example). I've hunted OSTs on and off since then. Unfortunately in the early 2000's I fell foul of the cheap bootlegs on ebay but have learnt my lesson since. Anyway here's my collection :

Final Fantasy and things - FF8 is a bootleg that was sold as an original Grrr.

Resident Evil and Metal Gear + others. RES1, MGS1 and Silent Hill are the European releases.

Gradius, R-Type etc

Some more modern soundtracks

Old and new. The loose disc is Sega's Strike Fighter (promo)

My classics - Strider was my first one. It (like a few of them) has "sample" marked round the spindle)

More classics, apart from Ajax which is the recent re-issue (part of the Tetra box)

Old-school! Cassettes! I'm afraid to play them.

Older school! Galaxy Force and SNK sound power 12 inch vinyl!

Sorry for the long post, and thanks for reading!
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