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I know it's a funny choice for No.1, but the concept of RPG music wasn't really defined until he came along.
Interesting choice, I agree. It has often been said that Koichi Sugiyama established the format of RPG scores, e.g. in this nice RPGFan article. But to what extent were these elements already established the composers you and Datschge listed? I'm not generally familiar with pre-1986 RPG scores.

1986: Koji Kondo (by the way of Zelda, corner case, but I think his influence on JRPGs can't be denied)
Yeah, Zelda music definitely had a major influence on RPG composers, even if it wasn't necessarily an RPG itself. I guess same applies for Shin Onigashima...

Guess I'm the only one who thinks Kenji Ito should be within the Top 10. Not that he's always clicked with my personal preference, but his career was, if not paramount, pretty important to the Eastern RPG history.
It wasn't a deliberate rejection on my part, but rather he just didn't come to my mind at all. I don't think his music was as influential or impressive as some others, but he definitely warrants consideration at least. I agree that Kenji Ito's influence is generally underestimated in the Western game music community though.
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