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Default Submissions - Classification

Current Guidelines
You can select or de-select multiple classifications and categories with control-click.

If the album contains at least 1 arrange, drama, remix, or original track, then include it in the classifications.

Use the Vocal classification if the album contains several vocals, or is a vocal/character song album. Do not use it if an Original Soundtrack contains 1 or 2 OP/ED themes.

Original Soundtrack - Music that accompanies some audio, visual, or printed work.
Arrangement - Arrangement of music that accompanied some audio, visual, or printed work
Vocal - Music that includes vocals
Drama - Stories, monologues, and radio shows where everyone is in character
Live Event - Music recorded at a live event
Remix - A derived work that uses samples of the original. Only use for valid VGMdb categories
Original Work - Music that has no connection to any of VGMdb's categories
Talk- Dialogues where the actors or composers are speaking, but are not in character
Remaster - A modified or improved work that overcomes limitations in the original recording or hardware. Only use for valid VGMdb categories.
Image / Prototype - Music that is related to any of VGMdb's categories, but was not used in it. Image albums and image songs qualify.
Sound Effect - Sound effects and voice samples
Data - A data track that appears on the media
Video - Any video work
03-Jun-2010 -- Added new classifications (Image/Prototype, Sound Effect, Data, Video)
03-Jun-2010 -- Added more details to the instructions (see above)
Technical Changes to Implement
On hold until independent track info is implemented.
Proposed Changes for Discussion
  • Rewrite the user guidelines
  • Discuss new categories
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