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I think it's a bit much to change our whole price system just because a few (one-two years worth) of releases may be affected by a raise in tax. If the point is to give people an 'absolutely accurate' price, then I think that's pretty much not possible anyway as different retailers will naturally change the price over time - I think everyone understands that even if the retail price is 2,000 yen today, a year from now that might not be the price you'll be charged by a given retailer. We can look at this recent example for instance, it's price is already reduced pretty much everywhere.

And what would we do with albums for which a specific pre-tax price is not given? Older Japanese releases, and pretty much every single non-japanese release.

This tax change is something I think would be better handled via an announcement. That way people would actually know what's up, and would know to expect to pay a bit more for Japanese releases from that time on.
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