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I'm not sure if they're samples, just a common lyrics, or what, but sometimes I hear the same phrase in songs, and it's always on a different soundtrack by a different composer, so it's not like it's just a theme of the game or something. Here are some examples:

Soul Poetry from Baten Kaitos (0:43 seconds in) and Bard from Sonic Dive (at the very beginning). It seems so much like it's a sample, because Bard also contains another lyric that's exactly like one in another song by another composer (which itself is a sample). At 0:27 seconds in, it contains something also heard in Nephilim from Xenosaga II (partially at the beginning and fully the next time 0:06 seconds in).

There's also The Idol of Time and Space from Devil May Cry (at the very beginning) and A Time of Calming ~ The Sea's Roar from Suikoden Celtic Collection 2 (0:16 seconds in). This is the same lyric, right? But it's so different, I don't think it's a sample. It's just strange to hear the same exact thing come up in two totally different songs, especially because the DMC track isn't very Celtic at all.

What do you think of these things, Nisto? You seem to be the sample expert!
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