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Nice to see this kind of topic here on this forum.

Here, that's all left from my LD collection; I've sold many before (Porco Rosso, GiTS, Blade Runner, Black Rain, etc...) to "upgrade" to DVD then "re-upgrade" to Blu-ray now.

Now that I see what's left, it's mostly music videos because there was no DVD edition of these later on (except a very few)

Cannot see on this picture but Seirei Tsukai (lower row, middle one) has its pre-order calendar with it.

On Your Mark, the only Ghibli I have on LD now

X² and X, the Movie
It is the CAV Box edition, obi is in the box, below are the 2 LDs, a LD size booklet in the middle and 3 illustrations on the right

Some live and music video (Luna Sea, X and Glay)
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