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Well, much like reprints can have information like (reprint of XXXX) with a link to the original release, I feel bootleg's should say something like unique like (bootleg of XXXX).

I don't like seeing some of the listed bootlegs with the yellow-R reprint symbol. To me, I feel like a "reprint" in this context should imply one done by the legal owner of the material.

Anyone have a rough idea/stats on the amount of bootleg releases not even being illegal reprints, but rather compilations done by the bootlegger? Would there be a way to designate that the bootleg is actually not a reprint or derivation of anything?

Last but not least, (again, don't know how pervasive this is), but if there are bootleg compilations that plucked from more than one source, there would need to a be a way to enter info potentially directing to more than one legal album (bootleg of XXXX & YYYY).

Also noting that the publisher/artist/album website field should remain to add information to, but would it potentially be better to disable the link generation to the bootlegger sites? Seems like something like this could encourage some visits to bootleggers.

All just suggestions. Discard whatever's unfounded or impractical.
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