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This is an amazing idea and this is the feature i have been waiting for.

I could not try it fully atm since i don't have .net 3.5 (seems like i get an error when i want to export with .net 3.0) but i'll probably get it just for that tool

* I was wondering about a tool like this to create .txt files or .nfo files with all the album data (title, catalog... ), just as your tool is doing now!
But if you could add the "notes field", that would be awesome.
And an option to export these infos as .txt or .nfo would be sweet.

(note that i do not want to get rid of .nfo files that contains credits but everyone got tons of albums without this kind of files)

* What about albums that got multiple tracklists?
Seems like you can't choose which one you want (it pick the default one for the moment -probably the best one to pick up- but hey that's just a suggestion!)

I probably could name some more feature but that could be "too much" for such a tinny tool, and if fits only the tagging job, i will be happy.

Of course it can't tag the tags correctly with composers breakdown, but which tool can do that..

Great Job.
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