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Originally Posted by Gigablah View Post
PhantomSnake: Just a heads-up, you can now perform searches using the following URL format:

I'll be working on returning XML data soon.
Awesome! No more POSTing! I think I still owe you a PM response about the XML data format, though if you've already come up with something I'm sure it will be fine.

Originally Posted by Alcahest View Post
Superb initiative, but requires .NET crap, why o why ;_;
You know, there was a period of time when I coded only in GNU C++, for portability... It's only very recently that I started playing with C# and .NET. I, too, used to be a .NET hater, and I still am to some degree, but I have to say... it's an excellent development platform. (Not so excellent for the end users though, I know.)
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