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Let's Tag 0.2 is up!

What's new?
  • Cover art is downloaded and displayed. It can be copied to the clipboard (for pasting into Mp3tag) or saved to a file.
  • Added a command line app, letstagc.exe, for those who want to use Let's Tag in scripts or batch files. (Functionality is fairly limited at the moment.)
  • Export presets can be saved. They are saved as XML files in Let's Tag's Presets folder.
  • Editing the export preset XML files by hand allows you to make more advanced presets. For example, it is possible to put multiple album fields into a single MP3 tag field.
  • Code was refactored quite a bit, though it still needs some work.

Instructions for the command line app:

Usage: letstagc [OPTION] [FILE]
Download album data from and output formatted data to FILE.

  -a, --album=NUMBER            album NUMBER of album to download
  -p, --preset=NAME             use preset NAME to format output

When FILE is not specified, write to standard output.
The album option is required. The preset option is optional (if preset is not specified, the "Default" preset will be used). I probably should've put this info in the actual app!

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