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Default Metroid 25th Anniversary album

Hey guys

Firstly I apologise if this is posted in the wrong section. Feel free to move it to the appropriate section if it is.

My name is Darren, I run a Metroid fan website called Shinesparkers ( and one of my ideas to mark the 25th anniversary is an album of fan made Metroid music. I thought this would be an additional place to promote it.

Our main base of operations so to speak is at OCRemix, however I feel there's a great deal of talent outside of the site also, which is why I'm looking for others who might want to contribute to this project. We're already making lots of progress and we hope to have the album complete by July 10th (released on the 7th August). If anyone is interested in Metroid and would like to cover some tracks do feel free to let me know, either here or at OCRemix.

I look forward to any support you guys can give, and I hope I can become an active member here at the forum to get to know the users better.