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Default ANZX-11046: Onimonogatari Music Collection & Atogatari

What can I say, the one track that made many viewers of the Monogatari Series feel deep in emotion - some, if not many, to the point of shedding tears *puts hand up*

As many have figured out during the airing of Episode 20 of Monogatari: Second Season [conclusion to Onimonogatari: Demon Story], the track playing during Hachikuji Mayoi's final dialogue is indeed a more acoustic interpretation to her OP in the first Bakemonogatori season.
- That track, is 18: Parting Gift <-- [fitting title]

I can comfortably say that no matter how many times I hear it on replay, it continues to pull a string inside of my heart each time - that said, I won't be sick of it anytime soon.
- 5:11 to end of track is simply and utterly beautiful.
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