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(Summary of the press conference and Bunshun's article)
- Samuragochi can hear; he listened to Niigaki's songs through recordings.
- Samuragochi has a government-issued type 1 level 2 disability card and received benefits for his hearing impairment.
- He's only a beginner on piano.
- Takashi Niigaki composed over 20 songs for Samuragochi and received ¥7 million in the past 18 years.
- Samuragochi received ¥30 million just for the royalties and broadcasting rights of "Symphony No.1 HIROSHIMA".
- "HIROSHIMA" was a rejected song that was supposed to be used for the game Onimusha.
- Samuragouchi presented the song "Sonatine for violin" to Mikkun, the violinist with an artificial arm, in 2012, who was 11 at that time. Samuragouchi found out about Mikkun 5 years ago on TV and contacted her. Mikkun and Samuragochi were both featured on an NHK special in March 2013, and on KinSMA in April 2013. After the TV broadcast, Samuragochi wrote to Mikkun's parents: "You were able to get on TV because of me, you lack gratitude towards me". Mikkun's parents who were surprised by this replied: "We appreciate you for all the help you've done, but we did not ask you to make us appear on TV.". Samuragochi became extremely mad and demanded things that were not feasible, and both sides have cut off ties since. The parents discussed this with Niigaki and Kouyama (the Bunshun writer). Niigaki confessed that he was the ghost writer and apologized. Kouyama also found out about this, which in turn led to this whole fracas.

(Niigaki's presscon)

- "I kept writing songs according to his instructions, and am his accomplice. I would sincerely like to apologize to all disabled people, to the people who believed in his words and listened to his pieces, and to the musicians who have performed these magnificently."

- "I initially started writing songs for him lightheartedly, but I will admit that I felt happy at how people have accepted the songs that I created through him. But the more he became popular, the more I grew worried that people would find out about this relationship, and I didn't want to deceive the people anymore with the music that I love."

- "I told him numerous times that we should put an end to this, but he threatened me and said that he would commit suicide if I didn't write for him anymore."

- "And after finding out that figure skater Daisuke Takahashi was going to use the song 'Sonatine', which I composed for his performance at the Sochi Olympics, I thought that at this rate, Takahashi-senshu would indirectly reinforce the lies that Samuragochi and myself have created. I hesitated in announcing this when I learned that Takahashi was shocked at this fact as this might hamper his preparations. But I didn't want to stay silent, as this will cause Takahashi-senshu trouble if this came out after the Olympics. People around the world would say that 'This skater performed with a fake song!'. I want Takahashi-senshu to know the truth and head into the Olympics fair and square."
Only 7 million over 18 years. Less than 400k a year. That's crazy.

That bit about how HIROSHIMA was supposed to be an Onimusha track is interesting.

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