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Aren't we going to classify individual tracks in the future? If so, I think some parts of what we now decide will end up interim measures. I personally prefer, once we have individual track information, implement circle graphs or some other ways to show the ratio of each classification. Anyway, I'll sum up my question/request quickly;

- When to select "Original Soundtrack"?
According to the current guideline we have to select "Arrangement" or "Original Works" if there is one track of those kinds, but does the same apply for "Original Soundtrack"?

- Is "Vocal" a catch-all classification or not?
I think our policy on this is divided, and I guess not a few people prefer to use "Vocal" as a catch-all type, as is shown by the number of the singles and albums classified solely as "Vocal" on this database. Also, if we follow the current guideline more faithfully, we have to classify the recent vocal heavy soundtracks such as Persona, NieR, Subarashiki, Ar tonelico and more as "Original Soundtrack, Vocal", but we don't. I understand this stance though, as I also don't like to add "Vocal" to every Live Event CD/DVD.

- A new classification for image/commercial songs.
Otherwise, we have to stretch the definition of "Original Works" to cover them.

- A new classification for Voice Clip.
Or "Talk/Voice".

- A new classification for data tracks.
As we more often than not include them in the tracklists.

- A new classification for movies.
As we more often than not include the DVD attached to a limited edition single.
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