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Well, I also don't consider the CD itself as a product, but I'm inclined to see the radio show as a standalone product. I would have no problem to categorize drama albums as "Game", because a drama album that is based on the game is, just like a game soundtrack, a "release" from the game product so it makes sense to put it into the game category.

On the other hand, a radio album isn't directly connected to the game itself. A radio show is more like another adaption of the game, and as I stated, its focus is less on the game characters and story. The communications with listeners and the actual personalities of the voice actors, instead. So it looks more fair to me to give radio shows a position as a product like we do for anime or publication.

However, I see my viewpoint can potentially conflict some people's structural image of VGMdb; if we start to see a radio show as a product, we may end up adding "products" to the database which basically only covers "releases", because one can argue radio album are closer to game cartridges, game discs and anime DVDs, all of which we don't cover.

Since ever I read the discussion on this thread over the album which was a typical Radio/DJCD album, I think I've formed a (possibly wrong) notion that the Drama/Radio category was added to cover this kind of album.

Perhaps we need to discuss more about this, when the product table finally comes, or in a category/platform/product discussion thread.
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