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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
The difference is a remix uses the audio from the original work, and an arrangement doesn't. That album probably contains both arranges and remixes, but I'm not expert. Remix is a relative latecomer to the category list.
Could you elaborate what you mean? I see it used when tracks are called "x's remix", even if they could be classified as arrange anyway (ex). Also traditionally in the west "remix" is used like "arrange" is in the east (tweaked track based on another). I don't really get the distinction.

Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
I think this is what the Remaster category is used for.
Well I believe it's just for remastered reprints (Gigablah's post), maybe that changed? There are only 18 "remasters" right now. That info is probably better in the notes while the "remastered" classification could be extended to cover Datschge's examples (notable sound differences from the game source). It would be nice to know what DS OSTs don't use the DS-fied tracks and such for similar albums. Though the term "remaster" may be misleading since it implies there was post-processing done compared with the OSTs (it's often the other way around).
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