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Actually, this is the reason I created a profile. Imagine my surprise that ordinary users can't link artists to releases! However, I read through those threads, and I completely understand the reasoning.

For that reason, whenever I find missing links, I'll just post them here. I'll leave verification up to the trusted editors and staff. :)

Please link:


Album: (and its other reprintings, of course)
I'm pretty sure Yu Togiwa and Yuu Togiwa are the same person with different romanizations.

And a few questions from a newbie:
  1. Just so I know in the future, is double posting frowned upon in this forum? I'm asking just in case I find more missing entries if I'm still the last person to post in this thread. Some time may pass, and editing my post later on may go unnoticed by staff since edits don't bump threads in the message list....
  2. In cases of hybrid artists listed in credits (two or more artists listed as one entry, e.g. "Sota Fujimori feat.Nagisa" from this album), should I report it anyway so that the individuals can be linked? From this example, Sota Fujimora and nagisa have their own artist pages. This type of entry is common in remixes, mashups, and dancemania albums. So if linked, it would look like "Sota Fujimori feat.Nagisa" (still preserving the formatting of the person who submitted the album). If this is the case, I have a LOT of link requests I can be submitting! :D
  3. In the case of related albums with no artists listed, is it safe to list artists from inference? For example, jubeat ripples APPEND has extended versions of songs featured on jubeat ripples ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK, so couldn't the latter album's artists just be copied over?

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work!

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